What are your dreams, your ambitions,

your frustrations?

 I may not know you yet, I base everything on the belief that you're awesome and  you're already making a positive move toward a fulfilling future.

I'mean, you're reading this, aren't you?

I'm Rachel and I help professionals who aren't yet sure of their options.  They know deep down that something needs to change.

I also work with coaches seeking to expand their offering or enhance their practice.

Let's explore your world, your path, get you resourced and moving in a meaningful direction.  If you're up for a deeper experience we can work with my Business Partner, 'Mrs N', and go outdoors.


Let's connect...

Learn at Your Leisure
Add Nature to your Coaching
even when delivering online

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"a very refreshing shower of common sense"

T Day.

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07967 508547

Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset UK