You deserve time to think...

Why might I need a coach?

Good question, how do you know when finding a coach is the right move.  Coaching can be a liberating and transformative experience when you step into the process with your eyes wide open.  It's not the solution to everything but it's a great place to start.

Consider these statements

  • You have a habit or behaviour that's holding you back.  As uncomfortable as that is, it's the first step in releasing what you are really capable of.  When you feel ready to address the matter, you don't have to go it alone.   I help you to find the shift that needs to happen in a safe and confidential envirnonment.  Together we find the most effective way to change the behaviour and release your potential.

  • You're in charge and you're expected to role model positivity and stay strong.  It's important that when you're the one in charge that you have an outlet for your thoughts and worries.  It's healthy to have a thinking partner whose interest is not vested in the organisation and who can remain detached from office politics.  It's a high pressure, lonely place and as your coach, I am a secure confidant, a trusted ear, safe container and partner unafraid to ask you the difficult, yet critical, questions.

  • You're facing big changes and need to lead through them.  Restructures, career transitions, redundancy, retirement, promotion. Whatever the reason for the change, life will be look and feel different. That's nearly always unsettling, often downright scary.  Maybe you have a new role and greater responsibility or you're starting a business.  Maybe you have a new team or you're planning how to wind down and move on.  Maybe redundancy is on the cards for you or for those you employ.  I can help you acknowledge and appreciate your feelings, give some airtime to your worries and be your thinking partner to use what's helpful to define your onward plans.

  • You want to change career.  Maybe you feel pigeon-holed or stuck, or you've been overlooked and can't work out why.  Your job may be safe, comfortable and well paid but unfulfilling so you feel guilty thinking about leaving during uncertain times.  Maybe you're bored and want a complete change but are fearful of taking the leap. I can help you identify what's holding you back, safely challenge your assumptions and any self-imposed rules that are holding you back.  You're capable of more than you think.

  • You're in a pickle.  We've all been there, a sticky problem that seems to have no ideal solution.  I can provide methods that help you view the problem through a multitude of new perspectives.  One or more of these is will shine a light on the answer you need or give you the clear air to create a new solution.

I don’t label myself an executive coach or a life coach.  I blend the two and envelope the results in biophilic* blanket.  I’ve a corporate background and a deep respect for the human condition.  I use the dynamics of human nature and mother nature to unwind tangled thoughts and liberate empowering beliefs, I challenge assumptions and I support the exploration of the uncomfortable and the unacknowledged.  Coaching with me is a thinking partnership where we focus on you and your world.

*Biophilic - A principle founded on the human - nature relationship and inherent benefits to mind and body from thoughts of and exposure to the natural world.

How does the nature thing work?

Coaching in nature with me is like going for a walk with a friend to talk about yourself and your work.  I’m a weird kind of a friend who has no vested interest in the decisions you make;


I do work indoors or via virtual platforms.  Nature is one of the tools I use to achieve the best possible outcomes for my clients.


Neither Nature or I judge you for venting and not paying attention to us.  We expect you to think for yourself and will help and encourage you to do so. It’s a liberating experience to have that time walking shoulder to shoulder letting the absence of walls release your thinking.  There’s no ceiling (literally) and no constraints to where your mind can wander. 

We can ensure your thoughts are clear and memorable, being rooted in the physicality and metaphors of nature.  I select locations with parking, facilities and, quite often, access to tea, coffee and cake.

This approach is well founded and growing in popularity with scientific and academic acknowledgement of nature and it’s effects.   My own MSc research explored the benefits of being coached in and with nature. 

This is England…  It rains!  Now a walk on a mild day beneath a brolly can be wonderful but when it’s squally and cold it does not propagate healthy thoughts!  I'm not a fan of going out if the rain is falling sideways.  The good news is that my approach can work in virtual environments as well as when we are wandering the woods.  Sound and visuals can be included to help us draw on the impactful metaphors to support us while we explore.

I am EMCC Accredited as a Senior Practitioner, have MSc Coaching and Behavioural Change and am a member of the International Coaching Federation, Association for Coaching and an affiliate to the Institute for Coaching Psychology.

Get in touch and tell me about yourself.    Tell me about your aspirations, your blocks, your challenges and the system that surrounds you.  I will help you to look at it all with fresh eyes, a variety of lenses to highlight the unseen, examine the minutae as well as zooming out to see the bigger picture..

Price Guide 

(flexible packages can be discussed)

Coaching programmes of 3 sessions or more                 £125/hour (plus travel if outside and more than 20 miles from BA9)

Ad hoc coaching                                                              £140/hour (plus travel as above)

Team Coaching                                                                To be agreed 

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