You deserve time to think.

You deserve time to focus on you, yourself...

How do you know when finding a coach is the right move?  


Coaching can be a liberating and transformative experience when you step into the process with your eyes wide open. 

Consider these statements

  • You're at a crossroads ...  Maybe you feel pigeon-holed or stuck, or you've been overlooked and can't work out why.  Your job may be safe, comfortable and well paid but unfulfilling.  You might feel guilty even thinking about leaving during uncertain times.  Maybe you're bored and want a complete change but are fearful of taking the leap.

  • You're facing big changes.  Restructures, career transitions, redundancy, retirement, promotion. Whatever the reason for the change, life will be look and feel different. That's nearly always unsettling, often downright scary.  Maybe you have a new role and greater responsibility or you're starting a business.  Maybe you have a new team or you're planning how to wind down and move on.  Maybe redundancy is on the cards for you or for those you employ.  

  • There's something that's holding you back.  As uncomfortable as it might be, the first step in releasing what you are really capable of is becoming aware of the assumptions that are holding you back.     

  • It's all on you.  You are expected to role model positivity and stay strong for your team.  It's important that when you're the one in charge that you have an outlet for your thoughts and worries.  It's healthy to have a thinking partner whose interest is not vested in the organisation and who can remain detached from office politics.  It's high pressure, it can be a lonely place.

  • You're in a pickle.  We've all been there, a sticky problem that seems to have no ideal solution.  


What sort of people work with me?

I’m best suited to working with middle to senior management level professionals that are stuck, lost and feeling directionless in their current roles or businesses.  Bored or falling out of love with a safe but now unfulfilling career and wondering what else there is.  Maybe facing redundancy or even early retirement and keen to dip a toe into new waters.

Mostly you will be from a white-collar role in HR, Business Support, Office or Customer Service Management but I’m not industry-ist or role-ist!

I have no specific focus on gender or age.  My former clients tend to come from the 40 – 55 age bracket but not through any focused marketing on my part. 

What’s it like to work with me?

Imagine a conversation with a friend.  A friend that has no agenda of their own, other than to see you grow and succeed in your ambitions.   A friend that will help you see the things that are blocking your progress, that are holding you back.  A friend that holds a safe container for your thoughts and that will not, and (contractually) cannot, blab to your other friends.

A friend that understands the power of your inner critic and that helps you build an internal board – new members that balance the overly protective, negative and fearful inner dialogue.

Ok, I’m not your friend.  I’m your coach.  My job is to help you find and make the choices that suit you and your context.  To help you map out your territory with eyes wide open and make intentional choices that take you toward your goals.  To explore the system that surrounds them and see it from new angles, through new lenses, shine a light on blind spots and to notice new things.

I sound annoying don’t I.  I’ll admit that good coaching isn’t necessarily comfortable.  It’s not a cosy chat.  You come to me because you want things to change, but as humans we are naturally wary.  I empower you to influence your own changes and step into them with a clear head.  Yes I will poke and prod but I will also cheerlead.

So where does nature fit into this?

Mother Nature, Mrs N is the secret sauce!  We can work outdoors together if we can reasonably travel and meet.  We can use the natural spaces in your location via 4g or phone with decent connections or I can infuse your experience with metaphor and narratives of nature which speak directly to a very influential part of your psyche, the limbic system, your emotional centres.

Nature is my business partner, a giant toolbox and sandpit for exploration, an office space and a place to soothe, restore and re-energise.

So what’s the plan?

The 4 x 4 programme has nothing really to do with off road vehicles apart from sharing the ideal of robustly navigating bumpy ground.  It’s four coaching sessions (121) of around 60 to 90 minutes and four 30-minute calls in between.  We can run this intensively over one month or in a more relaxed way over two.

We have a short session before we kick off to agree our ways of working, your comfort with challenge and to clarify a few ground rules before we get going.  These exist to reassure you and are mostly for me to abide to, such as confidentiality, feedback, opportunities to review and adjust etc

There may well be a few bonus extras as we go through depending on your challenges and what appropriate materials, I can offer you or references I have to share.  No two coaching experiences are identical, the 4 x 4 gives us structure and it’s up to you where we go with it.

As with any coaching, the outcomes will depend on your willingness to take action from the plans you make from our work together. 

My job is to help you clarify what these are, help you feel capable to tool up so you have the resources (or know where to find and access them) so you can implement them with confidence.

You don’t travel this path alone.

Coaching with me is a thinking partnership where you reap the benefits.

Call me on 07967 508547 or contact me via this link


I am EMCC Accredited as a Senior Practitioner, have MSc Coaching and Behavioural Change and am a member of the International Coaching Federation, Association for Coaching and an affiliate to the Institute for Coaching Psychology.  I am also qualified as a coach supervisor which means I support other coaches to develop their own professional practice.


Price Guide 

(flexible packages can be discussed.  Zero VAT)

4 + 4 coaching programme                 £795.00 four sessions of coaching plus four 30 minute calls in between at your discretion 

Ad hoc coaching                                 £150/hour 

Team Coaching                                   To be agreed 

Travel at 45p per mile and all invoiced travel costs are donated to charity as part of my carbon offset. 

Specifically either Tree Sisters or The Woodland Trust.