Rachel Woods, MSc

MSc Coaching and Behavioural Change,

EMCC EIA Senior Practitioner 


Coach .  Supervisor .  Speaker

Rachel Woods is experienced in providing coaching services to individuals and teams within organisations and to external clients across healthcare, construction and charity sectors and offers Coaching Supervision. Rachel also deeply dislikes talking about herself in the third person!


So this is me, I earned an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change in 2018, I am EMCC accredited as a Senior Practitioner, a Member of the Association for Coaching and an affiliate of the International Society of Coaching Psychology.  I am qualified in coaching supervision with the internationally recognised Henley Business School, a course which is accredited by the EMCC and I am an Alumni of the Henley Centre for Coaching. 

I am a TEDx speaker, panel member, I have addressed members of the MOD during Mental Health Week in both 2020 and 2021 and am frequently invited to speak at business groups and networking events.  I speak on the topics of human development with nature, nature and mental health and the impact of biophilia on productivity and wellness in office environments.

Since 2012 I have coached a wide range of professionals from front line team leaders to senior executives.  I regularly witness the impact natural environments have on client outcomes.  As a result, outdoor coaching is integrated into my work with individuals and teams. 

I sit on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Ecopsychology and in 2018 I researched and authored an academic paper exploring this a hypothesis of nature 's impact on coaching, it's 15000 words of what seems so obvious to me now.  Nature Matters.  

"Rachel has enabled me to shape my own decisions, attitudes and professional confidence over the years"

"..you were right, I don't ever come back from a walk feeling worse than when I started, I should remember that.  Thanks for the coaching time, your presence and your interest in me and my situation was both reassuring and encouraging.  I feel able to move forward with my plans"

Background and Coaching Approach

My coaching practice is a blend of experiences.  My career as a senior HR professional included strategic resource planning, organisational development, team engagement and wellbeing.  I have an eclectic approach to coaching and supervision, which draws on systemic practice, psychodynamics and integrating various models with practical tools to enable deep insights and effective actions.  I work always with a goal to ensure sessions are focused, tailored and impactful for the individual and the organisation. 

Clients and colleagues consistently described me as pragmatic, supportive and knowledgeable.  I pride myself in having a no-nonsense, down to earth, curious style which enables clients to find inherent resources to build and sustain resilience, avoid overwhelm and lead their teams to deliver on their strategic ambitions.  Coaching with me is impactful, challenging but also fun, enlightening and refreshing.  I am a safe container for your worries, dreams, plans and musings.  

In 2020, I  stepped away from my corporate HR career in order to fulfil the intense calling to provide coaching and supervision.  I still like to work with select charities, currently working with Coaching through Covid to support front line and key workers as they navigate working through the pandemic and beyond, I also donate 10% of workshop proceeds to the Wildlife Trusts as a thank you to nature for her role as my business partner. 


  • Professional Certificate in Coaching Supervision (2020)- Henley Business School 

  • MSc Coaching and Behavioural Change (2018) - Henley Business School

  • Member - Henley Centre for Coaching

  • EMCC Accredited Senior Coach Practitioner (March 2020)

  • Professional Certificate in Coaching (2013) - Henley Business School

  • Coach Practitioner, Insights Discovery Psychometrics

  • Member, Association for Coaching

  • Affiliate Member, International Society for Coaching Psychology

  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Ecopsychology

  • NNAS Silver Award (Navigation) 2019

  • Outdoor First Aid (2019)


"Having met Rachel on the networking circuit during lock-down, it was with some relief that I finally got to meet her recently. To take time away from the immensely challenging and uncertain world that we live in today, one really needs to make sure it will be a worthwhile experience."

"Rachel's professionalism and knowledge were evident right from the word go as we took our walk in nature, she encouraged me to talk freely and I was able to verbalise some of the challenges that have come to the fore during this time. Her observations were spot on and as a result of our time together I would not hesitate to recommend her services. Thank you."

"Working with Rachel was very enlightening. While apparently in simple conversation, she gently startled and redirecting me to a significant shift in perspective. There is very little structure and as a result, I received very powerful solutions. I love this living systems approach to coaching. Highly recommended!"

"My time with Rachel helped me focus on what I needed to do next. I had no trouble with ideas but needed some space and structure to work them through. Rachel's approach using the outdoors and her knowledge of mindfulness in nature was exactly what I needed to move my business forward. Thank you Rachel!"

"Rachel delivered a fabulous worship to our mental health network. Her professional approach, extensive knowledge and engaging style meant that our members learned and developed as a result. Rachel showed us the importance of nature to everyone’s mental wellbeing."

"Rachel was very kind to me during a call this morning. Although what Rachel does is not quite what I’m looking for at the moment, she offered to point me in the right direction of people who could assist. To me, this shows great business skills but also integrity in her profession that she wasn’t only in it just to get me as a client. That’s true professionalism right there. Thank you Rachel."

"Rachel has enabled me to shape my own decisions, attitudes and professional confidence.."

"..a very refreshing shower of common sense."

"Rachel's supervision has all the qualities I need to develop my coaching practice: a trusted, safe space; a great  listening ear, qualifications and experience; challenge at a level that stretches me and a professional warm manner where I felt comfortable straight away."

"Thanks for the coaching time, your presence and your interest in me and my situation was both reassuring and encouraging.  I feel  much more able to move forward with my plans and deal with any unexpected hiccups."

"..you helped me get myself unstuck with an awkward relationship at work, and helped me see things from a different angle and now I feel much more able to have difficult conversations that need to happen."

"I can't say how much having the time and space to think means to me.  Rachel is a very patient pair or ears to listen but is also so pragmatic in her approach,  I don't get to hide from the things I need to do but I can feel ok about stepping up to them."

"I love how supervision gives me the space to consider how I am working with my coachees.  It makes me a better coach and Rachel has helped me work systemically with my corporate clients, before I was dealing with just the client and their challenges but now I can help them see their whole world more clearly."