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Have you ever come back from spending time in nature feeling worse than when you set out?

Have you ever heard of forest bathing, Shinrin Yoku or woodland therapy?

It might sound a bit woo, but there are some very robust neurological and psychological benefits to be gained from connecting with the natural world.

-    Lowering of blood pressure and heart rate.

-    Increase in alpha waves in the brain - these are associated with a sense of calm

-    Boosted creativity.  It may also help with memory.

-    Studies report an increased sense of wellbeing

Science is still catching up and discovering what nature can do for us when we take the time to pause and notice, really notice, both ourselves and our environment.

I offer a suite of workshops and 121 sessions bringing neurological, psychological and nature based principles to life through experiential sessions and via the weird and wonderful metaphors of Mother Nature (Mrs N) and her menagerie. 


Don't just take my word for it ...

"this was very valuable, not just because of the content you shared, but also because of the sharing from the others and the reflections I had.  Being part of a group that meets multiple times certainly has a special power, especially when an environment of safety and trust is created.  As you helpfully suggested, some tools are useful at specific points in our lives, so it's a matter of 'the right tool at the right time" 


"it was an excellent and stimulating course that discussed and explored the methods and practices we can use to help live a calmer and better prepared life to deal with it's pressures and the roller coaster of emotions.  I would endorse how useful it has been to me already in looking around and finding rhythm and calm in nature and all that is around us.


For anyone who feels they need some tools to live a more fulfilling, happier, life, I recommend talking to Rachel and exploring her work and courses available."


"I love the facts about creatures I pay no attention to or am a bit scared of.  That there are lessons we can take from worms and sloths isn't something I thought about before but this makes it really memorable - and I can share it with the kids, they loved the funny facts"


"It made me look differently at things in my own little yard. In the city you sort of forget natures about and it's easy to take it all for granted.  Some of the exercises are so much better if I do them looking at the clouds or when I'm in the park.  No-one knows I'm being mindful but I feel shedloads better for it and it's really quick"

10% of all proceeds from workshops & webinars are going to conservation charities as a thank you Nature for being my business partner.


Thinking of self employment?  Just starting out?  

I have been reflecting on my first year in business and the things I wish I'd been told about in the early days.

On the 2nd April I will be sharing this on a 90 min webinar.  £20 ticket price for you to save on some of the pain and wasted money during those early months.

I've no regrets at taking the leap.  There are definitely things I would have done differently.

There's a lot of great things I chose well and I'd like to share them with other new start ups.

Click here for more info and tickets


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