Reset, Restore and Re-energise.

Due to a very successful pilot and increased demand, this will run again in November 2020 and can be brought to organisations as an in-house offering to support employee wellbeing ...

This year, I have felt overwhelmed, underwhelmed and anxious, I know I'm not alone in this.  Positive psychology teaches us to acknowledge these emotions in order to provide ourselves with choices.

That's the point.  Choices.  I am extremely grateful to nature and for the tools and methods I have to restore my balance and equilibrium; they've enabled me to be, and remain, resilient.

Resilience, and how we sustain it, is personal.  That being said, there are universal truths to how we can maintain it.  It's way more effective if we can choose methods that suit our context and our preferences and that we can tailor to meet our specific needs at specific times.


There is no approach that suits all, but there are universal benefits when we blend Nature and self-awareness.

I offer a suite of workshops across three weeks (90 minutes each) where I introduce a number of tools and techniques that Reset, Restore or Re-energise.  This is most effective in small groups and the sessions run across three points in time.  This creates a mutual support network AND the conditions to embed healthy habits that nourish resilience and support balance.

Nature plays a critical role in much of this as one of the most impactful, effective and accessible tools.

Don't just take my word for it - what the pilot group have to say.... 

"this was very valuable, not just because of the content you shared, but also because of the sharing from the others and the reflections I had about what I had and hadn't done in the intervening week.  Being part of a group that meets multiple times certainly has a special power, especially when an environment of safety and trust is created.  As you helpfully suggested, some tools are useful at specific points in our lives, so it's a matter of 'the right tool at the right time" 


"it was an excellent and stimulating course that discussed and explored the methods and practices we can use to help live a calmer and better prepared life to deal with it's pressures and the roller coaster of emotions.  I would endorse how useful it has been to me already in looking around and finding rhythm and calm in nature and all that is around us.


For anyone who feels they need some tools to live a more fulfilling, happier, life, I recommend talking to Rachel and exploring her work and courses available."

Let yourself be introduced to new techniques and theories, try them on for best fit and build your own unique recipe to use as and when you need it.  You deserve the tools you to ride the bumps of life with the ability to regain balance when you need it most.  

The individual price is £99 per person for a suite of 3 workshops, plus supporting materials and ad-hoc WhatsApp group messaging and personal text support between sessions. 

10% of all proceeds are going to the #wildlifetrusts as a thank you Nature for being my business partner.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below and I will be in touch to arrange dates and times.

Client Type

SMEs looking for a bespoke solution for your teams?  This is for you, tell me about your challenges... 


  • What is your business facing into no​w and beyond? 

  • What are you thinking about for yourself and your leadership teams, the world ahead and the inevitable shifts in ways of working. 

  • What do you need to be successful in a VUCA world? 

  • How agile and resilient are you, your teams and your organisation, should a future crisis occur or if this one lingers for much longer than any of us could expect?  

What legacy do you want to leave for the world of tomorrow?

Big important questions, I would love to help you gear up to meet the future.

Your business deserves a bespoke approach to future development activity for your own leadership and for your teams. I have no fixed 'off the shelf' activities as I am determined to flex to what your world will need when we emerge from this ambiguous and challenging period.  To build something to be proud of when this is all history and recollection.   

  • I work with teams and individuals. 

  • I can provide support for outplacement, career transitions and change management

  • I have a corporate background partnering in HR and development

  • I am accredited to provide Discovery Insights, Psychometric profiles to boost self awareness and enable teams to adapt and connect more effectively.

  • I am able to bring governance and credibility to internal coaching programmes

  • I can support business leaders to blend the well-being of themselves and their teams with strategic efficacy and business development. 

  • I can support Senior HR professionals to manage the boundaries inherent in a vocation that juggles a variety of roles to be played. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for something as important as your business.

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